Home Staging in Spring, TX

What is Home Staging

Home Staging is professionally preparing your house for the market place regardless of location. As a seller you only have 2 things you are in control of:

  1. The price which your realtor will advise you on
  2. The way your house looks which your ASP Stager will assist you with.

Home Staging to Sell is not decorating, fluffing, interior design or re-design.  Instead, Home Staging is de-tailing, de-cluttering, de-personalizing and preparing a seller’s home to give it a “model home” appearance so that the potential buyer can see themselves living in the home.

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Who Should You Hire? An Accredited Staging Professional (ASP Stager). Why?

  1. ASP Stagers are dedicated professionals who have studied and learned the proven and powerful techniques of Staging homes with 2 primary goals: Sell Faster & Sell for a Higher Price.
  2. ASP Stagers have successfully graduated from the ASP course and earned the Accredited Home Staging Professional Designation
  3. By their membership and participation in the International Home Staging Association, IAHSP, ASP’s are held to professional and ethical standards as they follow the IAHSP Home Staging Code of Ethics.

As a former Store Manger & District Manager for Talbots and now an ASP Stager, Mary has been staging stores and home for years. Whether retail or real estate our goal is to always get the highest dollar/square foot return on investment.  We set your stage to welcome potential buyers and appeal to the broadest number of buyers.  Statistics show that 95% of ASP Staged Homes sell on average of 23 days or less on the market and for Top Dollars.  Our stats are generally from within hours to a couple of weeks on the market.

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How do we assist you in preparing your home for the market place?

We work with you the Seller in a step by step process. The process looks like this:

  1. The initial phone conversation where we will gather information about your home from you.
  2. A written consultation where we will ask you to introduce your home to us and we will talk about what needs to be done, room by room.
  3. If you would like us to return after you have completed some or all of your list from the consultation to stage some or all of the rooms in your home. We can do this for an additional investment.

Simple Elegance offers the following Home Staging Services:

Occupied Homes

  • Home Staging Consultations

    For “Occupied” Homes, where you are still living in the house, we always begin with a Home Staging Consultation. One of our Accredited Staging Professionals will meet you at your house, and walk through the house with you, the seller’s, talking about what needs to be done to make the house market ready. When the Stager leaves, they will leave you with a detailed hand written report on exactly what needs to be done in each area of the house. You are then ready to do the work yourself or you can hire Simple Elegance to do the work for you. We are here to serve you by doing as much or as little as you would like us to do. This services focuses on depersonalizing & decluttering your house to appeal to a broad number of buyers.

  • 2 Hour Touch Up

    After the initial Home Staging Consultation and work from the consultation have been completed, 1 or 2 Simple Elegance ASP Stagers® can return to make the house ready for the market. They will focus on the key areas of the house to ensure the house is ready for the market and the camera. The Stagers will leave you with a Pre-Showing Checklist to ensure all showings have the same presentation. Homes less than 3,000 square feet.

  • 4 Hour Touch Up

    After the initial Home Staging Consultation and work from the consultation have been completed, 1 or 2 Simple Elegance ASP Stagers® can return to make the house ready for the market. They will focus on the key areas of the house to ensure the house is ready for the market and the camera. The Stagers will leave you with a Pre-Showing Checklist to ensure all showings have the same presentation. Homes greater than 3,000 square feet. If the ASP Stager who does your initial Home Staging Consultation feels that you need some accessories and/or different furniture, we can supply these items for a minimum investment which will be sent to you in a separate proposal.

Vacant Homes

Simple Elegance can turn your Vacant Home into a Model Home Feel within 2 days. We will supply the furniture, rugs, art and accessories to create a lifestyle that emotionally attracts a broad number of potential buyers.  Our ASP Sales Representative will visit your house to decide what is needed. This person than will put a plan together and work with our in-house team to ensure all items are delivered in great condition to your house. The Staging team will then use their creativity to present your house to the market. We have 2 warehouses of furniture, rugs, accessories and art to pull just the right look for your house.  If we do not have exactly what is needed, we will purchase brand new the right pieces for your house.

Our initial Agreement with you is based on a 60-day commitment.  After this time, we offer a Service & Supply Fee on a month to month basis.  Why 60-days? While many of our Houses go under contract within 11-21 days, we want to ensure that you are going to go to closing before de-staging your property. Many things can happen between Contract and Close. Our goal is to ensure you reach close with your realtor knowing that your house is in pristine condition right up to the end in case something happens. One of our ASP Stagers also checks on your house every 14-21 days to ensure that the house looks just like how we staged® it.  If there are any issues, we will let you know.

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Luxury Home Staging

For houses over $600,000 Simple Elegance specializes in Luxury Home Staging.  Mary is a Luxury Staging Specialist. We carry a large amount of inventory for this very special feel. We do also work with an Art Curator in Houston that can step up the level of staging to all original pieces of art for sale, creating a gallery showcase. In addition, we will use more luxurious fabrics, layering of a mix of mediums and textures to enhance the design of the house. This gives your Realtor more opportunities for marketing the very special property.  

Model Staging

Real Estate Developers and Construction companies are often looking for another level of staging that is between staging and design.  We can incorporate both sides of our business to give this level of service and style at generally a much better price than a design firm will provide.

Simple Elegance works with Investors that are flipping properties in addition to spec homes for developers.

We can do as much or as little as you need. Please contact us for an estimate.

Home Staging Services Spring

Home Staging Projects

Staging Your Home to Sell

Selling your home is typically a long and difficult task, so simplify the process by staging your house to sell. Staging your home can not only reduce time spent on the market, it can also increase the value and asking price! 

What is Staging a Home? How Does It Work?

When a house is staged, it is given the all-star treatment by an Accredited Staging Professional, or ASP Stager. ASP Stagers are specifically trained in proven techniques to give your home a comfortable appeal, as if your future buyer already lives there. 

Our team of dedicated ASP Stagers here at Simple Elegance are ready to assist you today. Equipped with a professional home staging certification, and a goal of helping you sell your home quickly and for top dollar, your ASP Stager will work with you to make your home the most saleable property on the market.

Home Staging: A Matter of Presentation

Staging a home is much more than redecorating, where your primary concern is to enhance the look and feel of your living space. Instead, home staging is all about presentation. 

Think of it as preparing for an important job interview—you want to put your best foot forward and make a good impression. Doing so requires a strong presentation. So you wear your most professional-looking outfit, put your “game face” on, and stride out the door, cool and confident.

Staging a house ensures you make that good first impression. You want your potential buyers to walk into your home and imagine themselves living there. Our home staging expert will work with you and your existing furnishings to dress up your home so that it sells in the fastest time for the most money. We make it so that your home retains its usual charm and character, while presenting your potential buyers with a sense that it is already theirs.  

Sell Faster, Sell Higher with a Home Staging Expert

By working with a professional home staging service, most sellers experience an average listing time that is 70% shorter than un-staged homes, with buyers spending upwards of 5% more than the asking price!

Get a leg-up on the sale of your home with Simple Elegance Home Staging services in The Woodlands, TX. Call to book your consultation today!