Frequently Asked Questions About Home Staging For a Quick Sale

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If you’re selling your house, want it sold quickly and at the best possible price, prepping it for sale is mandatory. Unfortunately, when it comes to home staging, there are a ton of questions clients have but often find answers difficult to come by. Simple Elegance wants to arm you with the most accurate information available to help you showcase your home’s best features before putting it on the market, and to do this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about home staging for a quick sale.

1. Why do I need to stage my home before selling it?

95% of buyers cannot see what the lifestyle of the house will be. We need to show them the lifestyle. Staging takes your lifestyle out of the picture and makes it all about the buyers’ choices. When you are living in your home, it is all about your stuff and how you live. However, when we are marketing and selling your house, it is all about the buyer. Buyers are typically looking for more space and where they will be creating new memories.  Staging the house to the buyer’s needs helps the buyer engage with the house and fall in love with it; putting an offer on the house. This is done through great marketing on the internet, and the same must be portrayed in reality when they arrive at the property.

2. How much does staging cost?

The cost of staging entirely depends on whether the house is occupied or vacant. For occupied houses, we work in steps.

Step #1 is a consultation to share with the homeowner precisely what needs to be done to ready the house for the real estate market. We can either do a walk and talk consultation for $250 where the seller is writing down all of our ideas as we go through the house, or we can do a written report for the seller with everything that needs to be done to the house. The hand-written report is based on the square footage of the house. We can do as little or as much as the seller would like us to do.

Step #2 is the actual staging, which will be a separate proposal.  On occupied houses, the sellers often can follow our consultation checklist and make the house ready for the market.  However, we are always available to come back and do as much or as little as the seller’s need.  If the house is vacant, then the investment to stage the property is generally around 1% of the list price for sixty days when the square footage and the sales price line up. This pricing is for our standard package which includes the main living areas, office, kitchen, breakfast area, master bedroom and bath with furniture and accessories.

We also offer other packages that can be customized to the seller’s needs. In addition, for either the occupied or vacant stages, there is a one-time delivery/pick-up charge based on where the property is located from our warehouses if we need to use our professional movers. We do not think of staging as a cost but rather an investment to get your house sold quickly and for top dollar.  95% of our staged homes are under contract within eleven to twenty-one days on the market.

3. Why should I hire your company?

The Simple Elegance team is the only fully trained Accredited Staging Professional team (ASP) via in Houston, TX. The owner, Mary Scalli, is an Accredited Staging Professional Master (ASPM), personally trained by the creator of the Home Staging Industry, Barb Schwarz. (Accredited refers to the highest designation for this position). Mary is also a Certified ASP Class Trainer for The home staging industry does not require any licensing or training. However, there truly is a science to staging a house properly. It is vital that you hire a professional company to help you stage your home correctly.

Our company is a leader in the industry and has received many awards for our leadership, customer service, and staging qualifications. We recently received The Best of Home Staging award for industry leadership, customer service, and staging excellence, the trifecta from the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, 2018 IAHSP Top Staging Team, 2018 IAHSP Top Vacant Stage, 2018 HSRA Top Ten Professional Home Staging Company.

4. Do you own or rent your own furniture?

We own all of our furniture and accessories. We currently have two warehouses of furniture and accessories and can stage any style house properly. If we do not have the right items in our inventory when your house needs to be staged, we will not turn your project away. We will purchase the furnishing which are required.

5. How long will the home staging process take?

While we love to have a couple of weeks to plan each stage out, the reality is that we can have your house staged within a couple of days from initial contact depending on our current schedule.

6. Are there any extra fees?

Extra fees come into the picture if we are scheduled to stage your property, and we arrive without a working key. There will be an additional charge, and your staging will have to be rescheduled. At the end of the staging, if we are not told that your house is under contract and when the closing is scheduled within ten days of closing, there will be a rush fee to de-stage the property. After the initial sixty days, a month to month service and supply fee is available.

7. What if my house does not sell in the first sixty days?

We offer a monthly service and supply fee to extend the initial agreement which we share with sellers in the initial proposal.

8. How much do I need to put down to secure a calendar date on your schedule?

We require 100% of the initial sixty-day payment up front along with a signed agreement to secure your staging date on our calendar.

If you have any more questions about home staging, please contact the experts at Simple Elegance. As the best home staging, custom window treatment, and interior design specialist in Spring, TX, we deliver excellent customer service and work hard to make you feel comfortable while engaging with us. To learn all about how we can help you, please click here or contact us by clicking here.