Common Home Staging Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Home

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Staging a home is not just about decluttering or moving furniture around. It is a valuable way to make youe home stand out from the others in the market while giving potential buyers a peek into the lifestyle they will enjoy by moving in. Statistics have proved that buyers need to imagine themselves in your home, and that means seeing furniture, accessories, and other decor that make a house feel like a home, before giving it a second thought.

Home staging is a powerful tool that can help in selling your home faster and for more money. Unfortunately, although many sellers recognize the importance of home staging, they still commit some costly errors that affect the effectiveness of the home staging tool.

To ensure that you avoid making similar errors, Simple Elegance has listed six of the most commonly made home staging mistakes and how you should avoid them. 

1. Putting your home on the market before it has been prepared. When you list your house on the market, it moves from home to house. Your house is a commodity and your highest valued time on the market is the first two weeks. Generally, your most significant investment is in your house, so why would you not prepare your house for the market? Buyers look at staged homes and feel they have been well maintained because the seller has prepared it for the marketplace.

We understand that living in a house on the market is not fun, but why shouldn’t you put your best foot forward when placing your house on sale and take advantage of the first two weeks? 95% of our staged homes are under contract within fourteen to twenty-one days versus non-staged homes of 130 days.

2. Thinking that preparing a house for sale takes just a day because of HGTV. HGTV is Hollywood! If you meet many of the actors on these shows, they will tell you what looks like twenty minutes is days and days in reality. You need to go through your house with a fine tooth comb and make sure it looks like a model home. Why do builders build model homes? The answer is because buyers cannot envision the lifestyle of a home. We must present this to the buyer. Once a house is on the market, it is no longer about the seller but all about the buyer.

3. Believing that the buyer is willing to correct all the problems in the home. In today’s market, the two largest buying groups are the millennials and the baby boomers. Both groups are looking for the same houses. The millennials have high student loans and have barely saved for a down payment. Consequently, the house must be in a ‘move in ready’ status as they do not have the money to make changes. The baby boomers who are downsizing as the kids are off to college or jobs are still very productive with their lives. They want to downsize but do not have the time to reconstruct a home.

Also, both of these groups have been raised on TV and the Internet and do not have the imagination of what the potential house could look like if a renovation were to take place. They want to move into a ready home so that life continues. This is the story we must present to them. Literally showing them where the TV will be placed, the size of the breakfast table in the dining room and other details.

The biggest mistake you could make is putting the house on the market and expect the buyer to imagine how it will look as their home.

4. Cost-cutting for home staging. As home stagers, we are here to tell a story to the buyers. We bring in furniture, accessories, art, and rugs. All of this has been an investment on our part. To sell your house, you need to invest money to make money. By cost-cutting, while trying to get a house staged, you risk losing on the price you value your home at.

5. Leaving the house empty. An empty or vacant house has no soul. If potential home buyers come to see your house, they only see the flaws of the house. Would you ever go to the grocery store with no clothes on? Most likely you won’t because people will see all of your flaws. So why leave your largest investment naked? Buyers only know what they see, not the way it’s going to be. Staging brings contracts to the table because it presents a lifestyle to the house.

6. Staging the house yourself. Often, sellers choose to stage their houses themselves with all the leftover furniture that they don’t want. Unfortunately, when buying a home, the buyer wants to be proud of the house they are buying. Would you buy a house with leftovers or with a lifestyle that shows what the potential will be? We stage to the details including the “Tiffany” box. Doesn’t every woman want something from Tiffany’s?

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